Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's all the Same !

The same day… the same me… and the same life!

The rush… the advancement… and the growth…

Continents, Countries and Races,

The era where we demean regional, cultural and religious racialism.

We the same people who run after success…

We want growth…

A more advanced future…

We, who remove the prevalent racialism,

But invent newer ones…
Now its, who has a better post…

Who earns more…

But what does it all boil down to?

More Power!

What is life? Is this it?

We say we want to achieve…

But really achieve what?

What are we rushing for and where are we going… Do we really know?

What is our destination!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cricket and the battle of the sexes

With the cricket fever in the air,

The world in turmoil...

Trying to arrange their lives around the match timings,

It’s the age old tiff between the sexes...

The men glued to their televisions and the women feeling,

That they are ones holding on to the reigns...

I just had an image - what if aliens were conducting a study on the life on earth...

And they happened to do it at the time that the world cup was on...

They would actually feel that the human race was controlled by the television.

As the image in the television swings the bat and the human in the chair would scream and jump!

Well somehow cricket does make the world go round and round and round …

Monday, November 29, 2010

And Sometimes Your Times – Just Not Right !!!

The suns bright and the birds are chirping,
There’s a light breeze, as the day is blooming.

A bright day on a winter morning,
A song in the air, but, your heart is hurting,

As Sometimes… your times just not right !   as only you get no light....


Now I know why rock stars scream…
A song in there hearts but they just can’t sing ;)

You are sitting in a chair.,
But your hearts just not there!
As here
At our computer screens we all stare…
Cause… Sometimes your times just not right !
You do all there’s to do but it just ain’t fine….

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Breezy Fan ...

Its really great to have funny moments.....
Like this chat i had with my friend an author of  a book - (those small lil things)
what would life be without these silly little interludes...


oh my god!!!!!
i cant believe i found u on the net!!!
i never come on like!!!
iam such a fan.... ooooooohhh!!! [pretend!]
its like a ...miracle!!
its asunday miracle!!
a fan!
and u reaplying to me too.......
wow i cant beleive my luckkk.......
so do u operate by ... electricity ?
or by some alternative power system?
He he he
(i am talking to a fan!! OMG!)
whats that alternate power system....
like some alternate power
like solar energy?
or similar...
i didnt get that...
iam chatting from my laptop.....
oh my god!!
internet working yippee....
fans can use laptops?
so u have 3 wings or 5?
or 4?...
we all have 4...
in my species
and u run on electricity
i have always been v curious to know
what do u pl do during the winters?
so how many does ur species have.....
aaahhhh we hibernate....
its like a long winter break.....
i can use one of that!
sometimes ..... some breeds also get to visit different places like the attic
so wat do they do in the attic?
they sleep is it?
well those breeds dont hibernate.... they play.... with other attic things so its like a looooong trip
u must have seen the toy story......
oh yes
its my fav film
(i still have nt given upo my toys)
i saw it the other day when the living thing in my room was watching it.....
i could sooooo relate to it.....
i was worried what would happen to me once my carborator got spoilt.....
and these living things r sooooo slow with their reading......
wont they replace the carbo thing?
i keep trying to turn the page once iam finished reading but they hold it down and i have to wait till they finish..... but i try every time....
every time heh?
oh maybe....they would but what if they dont.... i heard u threw away ur old tv and got a new big flashy one....
and these days thes ac... things have come .... just like the ping strawberry smelling bear
they didnt throw the old one
whats well in that!
i wud nvr lwt that happen
its all unwell
he he he
so what r u doing

it's really fun isnt it!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fire Flies and the Rainbows

From boats... to a swim....

Its a hot summer night and you go for a swim... the feel of the vast water as you lower down into the shimmering water... as it engulfs you, the coolness against your hot skin...

the feel of serenity

A gasp of breath... and you lower your head into the tranquil water... your troubles seepng away... as if the tranquility of the water tries to calm you down.

One single lonely lamp, near the water edge in its solitude... 

but look carefully.... its not alone... a number of fire flies all buzzing around the lamp... becoming a part of its aura....

Staying in water for long....... and then the lamp looks even more different... the aura looks different the lonely lamp has developed colours.... the lamp has a halo of a rainbow... all the colours a ring around the white light...

As the troubles fade away.... so does the lamp change....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

~~~ Rickity ~ Rackity ~ Row ~~~

Time is like a flowing river...
Love like an ocean...
and the boat of life on its journey!!!

Both Love and Time create waves which rocks our Lives...

LOLS There’s a parody in this statement itself and how we read it we could say our life is rocking!!! Or they rock it with all the problems...

But I do wonder where is the destination...
Our soul gives it directions, but where is it leading us?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tart_ly Journey

The journey through life is sometimes so fluid and flexible that you feel that delicious feeling all through and sometimes just as crumbly and hard.

Well and most of the times you get both the things together the hard and the soft...


Just like eating a cream tart.

You lick the cream, and bite into the hard crust...

Most people live through grumbling, 'I can’t even enjoy the good part cause the troubles are right at the back of my mind.' Well it’s all in the brain!

You do enjoy the tart when you bite in and get both the crust and the creams together, don’t you?

Just imagine, if you lick only the cream off... you would feel the really bloated full feeling like Oh God! No more please!

That’s what it’s with experiences and events of life too.

I just remembered a saying from childhood, 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.' Isn’t it true that all play and no work will also make Jack a dull boy?

Its always combination of things which makes something Fabulous.

So why do we expect that life should be full of only good things? It’s this very expectation that stops people from enjoying the experiences that life puts before them.

Just in the search for the absolute perfect picture... which even they don’t know what it is, they just flit through life thinking, 'we didn’t get the best, we were unlucky!'

Lucky... is how you see things...

Well who is lucky, a child of a beggar rolling in mud, Giggling... Or, a child in a mall screaming at the top of the lungs cause he wants some silly toy, which his mother thinks he has many of lying at home?

If you can train to smile in pain, that’s Lucky!!!

That’s what makes you appreciate the good parts of life...

P.S. Lets not forget the cherry on top, The people around us who give us support and strength and reason for all this.